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DV_4 Waterfall HD 49.5cm x 59.5cm_R7000

Danielle vorster

I grew up in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, having been born to Afrikaans parents. I was shy in school, but I wanted to interact with others. Eventually, I started asking myself, how? 
Through my art, consistently doodling, sketching and observing people (with a psych degree to back me up) , I have created an abstract interpretation of my findings. One of my goal is to make Soul Stories for people - custom artwork that tells a story of someone's life, memories and dreams.  I explore themes of emotions, play with perceptions, the variety of communication, and the power of storytelling in everyday life. I always welcome interaction , as that is how a collaboration starts.

Now that you know a bit of my story, come tell me yours.

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DV_11 Ancestrees HD 89.5cm x 60cm_R7000
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